8 Features To Look For In A Luxury Restroom Trailer

Posted on: 21 April 2023

Whenever you shop for a luxury restroom trailer, features are everything. Look for these eight features in a luxury bathroom trailer.


The biggest luxury of this sort of trailer versus a standard model is space. People won't feel cramped, and that makes a huge difference in its own right. Whether you're providing a luxury restroom trailer for VIPs, workers, officials, or guests, the thing they'll appreciate most is an experience that's closer to what they'd expect at a high-end hotel or restaurant. Quality always includes room to function.


Good lighting also makes a major difference. If you want to have mirrors and vanities, for example, that's great. They are going to work a lot better, though, if there is even and ample lighting.

Air Systems

Filters, ventilation, fresheners, and deodorizers are all necessary for providing a good atmosphere in the bathroom facility. Clean air improves health and provides a better overall experience.


Partitions and full-length doors are also critical to the luxury feeling. Even this small bit of privacy can make a noticeable difference. Particularly if you're deploying a luxury bathroom trailer to a remote location where people are working in close quarters, that small bit of time folks will get to themselves can improve morale.

Quality Finishes

Finishes count, especially if you're using trailers in situations where luxury means luxury. Granite or marble countertops signal that the trailer isn't just a functional facility. If you're taking care of VIPs at a construction site or a major event, this lets them know that you care about quality.

Wi-Fi and Charging

Recharging electronic devices is just part of being human nowadays, and so is accessing the internet is. A good Wi-Fi setup with charging stations allows people to make use of their devices' downtime while they take care of other matters.


If you're deploying a luxury restroom trailer to a remote or dirty location, showers are absolute godsends. Ideally, you can get as close to a full-size shower as possible. Roomy showers that always have running water are the kind of amenity that keeps people loyal to companies. Combined with the overall luxury experience, your team will appreciate that you went the extra mile.

Integrated Sound Systems

Restroom trailers often end up on project sites or at events like concerns. Communication in these environments is important. An integrated sound system allows you to pass along announcements even when people are otherwise engaged. You can also provide music to make the experience more pleasant.


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