Inspecting Your Commercial Septic Tank

Posted on: 10 July 2017

Many businesses throughout the country rely on a septic tank for waste removal. Ensuring that your septic tank is in good working condition is critical. When a commercial septic tank fails, you could experience a sewage backup that will damage inventory and tarnish your company's reputation. Regular inspections can help you spot signs of damage before disaster strikes.

Here are three things to look for as you inspect your commercial septic tank in the future:

1. Check for depressions above your septic tank.

To determine if your septic tank is functioning properly, you should take a close look at the ground above where the tank is buried. The ground should be smooth and even. If you notice any depressions above your septic tank, these depressions could signal a septic tank collapse.

Contact a professional for assistance in diagnosing and repairing your septic tank if you spot depressions above the tank during your inspection.

2. Check for abnormal grass growth.

As you are walking over the top of your buried septic tank looking for depressions in the ground, it can be beneficial to pay close attention to the quality of the grass over your septic tank. If you notice that the grass directly above the tank appears to be more lush and green than the grass in surrounding areas, this could be a sign that your septic tank is leaking.

The extra nutrients from the waste inside your septic tank will seep out into the ground, causing the grass growing above a leaky tank to flourish. Be sure to contact a professional for a thorough inspection if you notice abnormal grass growth over your septic tank.

3. Check for odors inside your building.

When a septic tank is too full or experiences a failure that causes it to function improperly, sewage can begin backing up into your building. This sewage backup will often be preceded by odors that linger within your commercial space.

Be sure that you are constantly checking for odors coming from your sinks and toilets. If you do smell anything out of the ordinary, contact a professional to help you diagnose the source of the odor.

Being able to keep your commercial septic tank in good condition is critical when it comes to the success of your business. Check for depressions above the tank, look at the health of the grass over the tank, and be aware of odors coming from your plumbing fixtures when trying to determine if your septic tank is in need of professional repair.

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