The Benefits Of Porta Potties

Posted on: 27 July 2015

If you are hosting an outdoor event, or if you have some other need for mobile, easily accessible toilets, then you might be considering portable toilets. To help you make your decision, here are some of the benefits of porta potties:


The cost of a portable toilet will usually be quite a bit lower than the cost of installing a permanent bathroom. Of course, this will actually depend on how long you plan on needing to have a portable toilet. If you rent a portable toilet for several months or years, then the cost might actually exceed that of a permanent bathroom. However, if you only need a bathroom for a few days or weeks, then the most cost-efficient option will definitely be the portable toilet.


One of the primary benefits of portable toilets is that they are much smaller than traditional restrooms. In order to set up a traditional restroom, you will need to create a building, set up plumbing, and install bathrooms and sinks. This can take up an area that is several times the area needed for a single porta potty. On top of that, you might even need to set up gender-specific restrooms if you plan on installing permanent toilets. There are no such restrictions on porta potties, which can serve either gender equally well.


In some cases, you might also want to move your toilets after a period of time. This can be incredibly expensive or impossible for permanent toilets, but it is quite easy with portable toilets. For instance, if you need porta potties for a construction site, then the majority of workers might be moving to a different area in a few days or weeks. Portable toilets allow you to bring easy bathroom access along with you to every work site.

Ease of Cleaning

Portable toilets are actually much easier to clean than traditional bathrooms. While you might need to hire a janitor or clean the bathroom yourself if you have a permanent bathroom, the company that rented the portable toilet to you will generally handle all the cleaning. This means that you won't have to deal with all of the waste inside the porta potty.

The way this works is that the portable toilet company will bring a large waste disposal vehicle to your site. With a specialized tube, they will drain your porta potty of waste, which will reduce the odor and allow for continued usage.


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