6 Easy Ways To Make Portable Toilets More Welcoming For Guests At Your Outdoor Event

Posted on: 2 June 2015

Whether it is an outdoor wedding or a corporate event, having enough restroom facilities available is one of the most important aspects of the party. In most outdoor settings, there are not enough bathrooms to cater to the needs of several guests. This is why portable toilet rental is such a convenient service that actually makes outdoor gatherings a possibility. The only problem with portable toilets is the fact that they are pretty basic in their design and are not always the most welcoming facilities. There are six easy ways you can make portable toilets more inviting for guests at your outdoor event.

1. Prepare a basket of necessities for your guests. Fill a small basket with things people would normally need in a bathroom, such as extra toilet paper, hairspray, or hand lotion, and leave the basket inside for your guests to find.

2. Leave something aromatic inside. Make sure the portable toilets at your event smell nice by placing a bowl of potpourri inside or adding an automatic air freshener.

3. Make hand sanitizer or antibacterial wipes available for your guests. With no running water inside, your guests will still be looking for a way to clean their hands. Make sure they have it with a container of antibacterial wipes or hand sanitizer.

4. Hang photos or posters inside on the walls. You can make a portable facility feel more comforting just by adding a bit of interesting decor inside. Try hanging poster-sized photos of the bride and groom for a wedding or even a schedule of the night's events at a corporate party. Whatever you hang, just make sure it won't damage the walls.

5. Add a battery-operated light inside of the portable toilet. Most porta-potties do not come equipped with lighting because they have no electricity. However, you can make sure your guests can see what they are doing by adding an inexpensive, battery-operated light inside. Flameless candles, simple lanterns, or touch lights are all perfect solutions.

6. Place something welcoming on the outside of the door. Whether it is a wreath, a welcome sign, or a poster, any small change to the exterior door of the portable toilet will make it appear more inviting to the guests at the party.

Creating a welcoming bathroom for all of the attendees at your party is a possibility, even if you use portable toilets. Make sure you keep this handy list in mind when portable potties are delivered to your chosen party venue.

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