Seven Interesting Uses for Roll-Off Dumpsters

Posted on: 21 May 2015

Roll-off dumpsters can be the perfect solution for a variety of home and business needs from renovation to lawn care. Using a roll-off dumpster can save considerable time, money, and stress. Consequently, they have become so widespread that people around the world have actually started using them for more than just trash. The art of using a roll-off dumpster in new and innovative ways is referred to as "upcycling." This article highlights seven creative uses for roll-away dumpsters. 

1. Art Gallery

One artist by the name of Mac Premo repurposed a 30-yard dumpster and actually turned it into a mobile art gallery containing over 500 pieces of artwork. The dumpster gallery has made an appearance at several art festivals around the country, including ones in New York and Miami.

2. Boat

In England, Tom Cunliffe famously turned a roll-off dumpster into a boat by simply adding a motor. He actually takes it out for cruises on the river.

3. Garden

Dumpsters are now widely used as gardens both in household yards and community spaces. San Francisco has embraced the roll-off dumpster garden trend with open arms, and you can find various community dumpster gardens around the city. These gardens actually provide quite a viable option for planting in urban areas, where space for gardens is virtually nonexistent.

4. Automobile

Automobile enthusiasts in both Europe and the United States have gone so far as to create working cars and trucks from roll-away dumpsters.  

5. Pool and Hot Tub

Believe it or not, creating pools from old dumpsters has become an increasingly popular trend in New York and other urban areas where it is near impossible to find the space for a pool.  Similarly, Michel de Broin actually turned a roll-away dumpster into a hot tub capable of holding 1649 liters of water (

6. Coffee Shop

In the Netherlands, Rikkert Paauw and Jet van Zwieten have really gotten creative with dumpster upcyling by creating coffee shops and bars in Ultrecht, Netherlands. They call the project "Straatlokaal," and it is designed to get people excited about recycling, reusing, and waste removal. 

7. Skate Ramp

Various young innovators have turned roll-off dumpsters into skate ramps of different designs, which can be found in various skate parts throughout the country. 

Evidently, roll-off dumpsters can suit a wide variety of needs from standard sanitation to eco-friendly coffee shops. The particular features of roll-off dumpsters make them easy to transport and thus easy to transform. Want to create your own masterpiece? Find dumpsters at companies such as Hilltopper Refuse & Recycling Service Inc/Office Recycling Center.


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