Three Options To Deal With Plumbing Installations That Are Below Sewer And Septic Lines

Posted on: 13 May 2015

If you have a home with a basement and want to finish it and add a kitchen and bathrooms, there are many issues that you may need to deal with. One problem that you may need to address is the location of plumbing, which may be below the elevation of your septic or sewer system. This means that you need to have a way to get the waste out of the basement and into the sewage line. This is usually done by using special pumps and wells, which pump the waste out of the basement. There are also additional features that can be added such as a grinder pump. Here are some of the options you have to pump waste out of your basement:

1. Installing A Well That Can Handle Waste And Overflow

Before you have a pump in your basement, you will need to have a well installed to contain the waste. This will give the waste a place to be stored until it can be pumped to the sewage lines. It is a good idea to have a well that is larger than your waste handling needs. It should be large enough to handle excess waste and things like foundation drainage that you may have installed in your basement.

2. Getting An Efficient Sewage Pump For Your Basement Plumbing

The sewage pump is another important component of the basement plumbing system. You will want to have a pump that is efficient, but that also provides enough power to get the waste to the sewer lines. When you install the pump, you may also want to install it in a way that makes it easier to repair and replace. This can be done by using check valves that will allow you to easily remove the pump when needed.

3. Adding A Grinder Pump To Ensure That Your Plumbing Does Not Have Problems

Most sewage pump systems only have one pump. For a basement plumbing installation with minimal use, this can be fine. If the basement is going to be part of your main living area and get a lot of use, a grinder pump may be a good addition to your plumbing. This pump will grind the waste before it goes to your conventional sewage system. This will help to prevent debris from clogging plumbing or damaging your sewage pump.

Plumbing in the basement can present many challenges, but with the right pump, your basement can have any plumbing you want. If you need pumps for your basement, contact a sewage pump service like Fyle's Honey Wagon to get exactly what you need for your basement plumbing.


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