Considerations To Make When Attempting Septic Tank Repair

Posted on: 30 April 2015

Is there a problem with your septic tank, but you are not sure what it is and how to fix the problem? Then you'll need to learn more about what problems can arise with a septic tank, and the different signs that allow you to identify the presence of those problems. With that thought in mind, here are the top considerations that must be made when attempting to repair a septic tank:

  • Sewage in your home: In the event that the sewage is getting backed up and is spilling out into your home, then you need to check the septic tank water levels. If the water level is below the regular level, then that means there is a blockage between the tank and the toilet in your home. Check the filters to see if there is a blockage there – it could be a simple case of cleaning or replacing the filters. If the filters aren't the problem, then a plumbing professional may need to be called out in order to find the blockage and remove it.
  • Pumping: If there is more water in the tank than there should be after inspection, then it might need to be pumped. However, before doing this you'll need to make sure that the drainfield is not saturated. If it is, then pumping the septic tank will simply float the tank and possibly damage the plumbing. In the event of a saturated drain field, you need to immediately reduce your water usage to prevent the problem from getting worse. Also, if the saturation is so bad that the water is evident on the surface, then you should set up temporary fencing to keep people out of the affected area as it can potentially be a biohazard. The best course of action is to call in a septic tank professional to drain the drain field and pump the septic tank.
  • How to prevent drainfield failures: In the future, if you want to avoid a drainfield failure, then you must make sure to have your septic tank pumped every few months. This keeps the septic tank healthy and operational by keeping the size of the sludge layer small. However, if a drain field has become clogged to the point where repairs are very expensive, then it might be a more economic option to simply build a septic tank in a new location so that you can take advantage of a fresh drain field.

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